Magazines for Functional Use of Essential Oils in your Daily Routine

living magazine cover

doTERRA publishes a beautiful and very useful magazine quarterly.   Each magazine has beautiful photos and very easy, readable articles to learn about practical uses of essential oils.  doTERRA sources their pure oils from all over the world and each issue features one to two specific oils with a detailed article about where and how the oil is sourced. There are also very useful articles that help you understand how you can use various oils for various daily uses.

The Living magazine is a quarterly publication, each edition comes out based on the following timeline:

Fall Issue: Launches right after the doTERRA Convention which is normally during the second week of September.

Winter Issue: Launches around the third week of December

Spring Issue: Launches around the second week of March

Summer Issue: Launches around the second week of June

Click the link below to see online versions of doTERRA’s past issues of Living Magazine.

Please contact Kathy at River Massage if you would like information about receiving these quarterly publications in the mail.