doTERRA Essentials Oils and Other doTERRA Products

I have been using doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in my massage services since I began massage.  I chose doTERRA because of the purity and potency of these oils.  Using only the purest oils available, I know I can be safe with not only what I use on my clients, but safe with the products I use on a daily basis personally.

Our skin in our largest organ.  Because our skin is porous, everything we put on our skin, we also put IN our bodies.  I want to be using the safest oils available for me, for my clients and for my family.  While I carry these oils for sale in my Massage Studio, I also want to share with you how you can order doTERRA products to your home if you prefer to shop that way.

I’ve attached the link to doTERRA’s full Product Guide available online in PDF format   The guide lists all oils, oil blends, the OnGuard line of products, the Deep Blue line of products as well as many other skin and personal use products, dietary supplements and more.  Each listing also provides a short description of each oil and suggestions for uses.  So, not only is this a product guide, it’s a resource for learning more about what oils are useful for which issues you may be wanting to address.

Each product shows the retail cost and the wholesale cost.  If you are interested in becoming an doTERRA wholesale customer let me know!  I can help you get your own account set up and I can further explain how you can order your own doTERRA products on line and the benefits to becoming a doTERRA Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate!

.  Clink the link below to view doTERRA’s entire Product Guide.