Hot Stone Therapy

For an amazingly enhanced massage, try our Hot Stone Massage!  In a Hot Stone Massage, you get the pleasant, warming sensation of warm, smooth stones placed on your body as your therapist massages other areas.  In addition, the therapist may use the heated stones as an extension of their own hands while massaging specific muscles, melting away tension. The stones, from exposure to the sun and the elements,  improve the flow of energy in your body.  The energetic charge of the natural stones is maintained by placement in the sun.

The warmth of the stones  increases circulation, relaxing your muscle tissues and allowing your therapist to effectively massage even deeper muscles.  When we combine Hot Stone techniques with a Full Body massage, you experience the healing effects of reduced pain from chronic conditions, decreased stress and tension, increased flexibility, improved circulation and an overall sensation of relaxation and warmth.

Your Hot Stone Massage is done with a combination of basalt stones, which are a volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat, and Montana’s own river stones which have been smoothed by the natural forces of Montana’s rivers.  The stones are sanitized and warmed in a bath of 120-130 degree water.

There are some contraindications to Hot Stone Massage so be sure to discuss your health conditions with your therapist and/or your physician.