Swedish Massage

Massage Therapists are trained in many different types of massage, but Swedish Massage is the most popular and the type of massage people tend to think of when they think of massage.  The primary goal of Swedish Massage is relaxation.  A chattanooga massage can also be energizing and a wonderful way to enhance your sense of wellness.

Your therapist will use several different kinds of movements, or strokes, working to increase circulation and remove toxins.  The strokes vary and include long gliding strokes, kneading, and several other techniques to release “knots”.   A Swedish Massage will incorporate firm, gentle pressure and oil or lotion is applied to enhance the effectiveness of the strokes.

A Swedish Massage is generally described as a full-body massage, however, you may always request your therapist focus on a particular area.  As in all massages, it is important that you share your massage goals and let the therapist know at any time if the pressure is too light, too deep or if you experience any pain.  The goal of massage is wellness and your participation can help both you and your therapist achieve what’s best for you!