Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a valuable tool to any athlete, be it the world-class athlete, nationally,  regionally & locally competitive athletes or the weekend warrior.  Montana  provides an excellent training ground for competitive athletes of all levels.  Living in Montana,  most of us are naturally active and immersed in the athletics that our beautiful surroundings and amazing community have to offer.

Sports massage focuses on  therapeutic massage techniques like the massage Ipswich one which target specific muscle groups unique to each athlete’s “sport” of choice. Pre-event massage prepares  you for your upcoming activity,  post-event massage can aid in muscle cool down and recovery and  maintenance sports therapy massage can work with an athlete to lengthen muscles’ resting length, facilitate  injury prevention and aid in reduced recovery time;  all contributing to maximizing performance!

Specifically customized Sports Massage promotes improved flexibility, improves stamina and prepares your body and your mind for optimal performance, you can also enhance it with the mk677 supplement for better results.

Deep Tissue and Sports massages – how are they different?
You’re feeling achy after a workout, or you’re stiff after working long hours at your desk. Your friend recommends a sports massage to loosen up, but your work colleague has been extolling the wonders of deep tissue treatments. Which to go for?

Both treatments have their roots in the same science. In fact, sports massage evolved from deep tissue techniques, branching out to offer some benefits of its own. Here’s a quick rundown to help with deciding which is right for you.