COVID-19 Precautions

What will my massage session look like with the implementation of COVID-19 precautions?

This time of closure has been challenging but I’m grateful for the time I’ve had to create improvements in all that I have to offer you!   I’ve used this time to update business practices and develop intensified infection prevention protocols.  I have worked hard to create a safe massage studio environment where you can feel comfortable and confident to resume massage therapy when you feel ready.

When you are comfortable with receiving massage therapy, things will go just a bit differently, as is the case with almost every area of our lives right now, right?  For the safety of both you and me, I’ll be investing more time and commitment before, during and after your appointments.

A day or so before your appointment

I’ll be reaching out to you by phone or email to check in with you about your health so as to assess for any potential risks that may contraindicate massage therapy at this time. 

I will also review my newly adapted pre-session guidelines for your confidence, comfort, safety and infection prevention. I’ll expect that we both take responsibility for complete cleanliness prior to your arrival.  I’ll also ask if you can try to avoid stops anywhere else on your way to your appointment.  Safe your errands for after!  😊

I will be implementing stringent cleaning protocols in my Studio prior to your arrival, scheduling a full hour between clients for cleaning and to avoid more than one person in the Studio at a time.  Handwashing and sanitizing will be asked of you upon arrival. 

When you arrive:

The use of masks and gloves will be discussed when you arrive.  My recommendation is that I wear a mask during your session.  We will discuss your comfort with wearing a mask for the part of your massage when you are face-up.  We will discuss limiting conversation during massage to decrease risk potential of emitting infected particles.  When the outside temperature allows, I will be providing massage in open-air format with windows open to allow for plenty of airflow during session.   Facial massage will be avoided at this time unless necessary and gloves will be used if we determine facial massage would be helpful to you.

Handwashing and sanitizing will be asked of you, and will be carried out by me after your session.

A day or so after your appointment:

 I will also commit to following up with you a day or so after your session just to check in and assure that you are doing well and that no signs or symptoms of illness have emerged since your time in my Studio.  I ask that you respect me and my other clients by taking responsibility to contact me if you have health concerns following your session, as well.

Even though things will happen a bit differently, I am so excited to see you back in my Studio and to get back to doing what I love!  I look forward to providing the best Massage Therapy services I can and to be a part of your health & wellness!  I’m honored that you have chosen me an important part of your Health Care!